Privacy Statement

Abra wholesale needs to collect and use your personal data in order to carry out our legitimate business and meet our customers’ expectations quickly and efficiently. We are committed to doing the right thing when it comes to how we collect , use and protect your personal data.
Please read this policy carefully.
In agreeing to become a customer of Abra as you supply your personal details you are consenting to the practices described within the policy.

Our Policy

All personal data collected in any way whether paper, CCTV, Social media, will have appropriate safeguards to ensure that we comply with the GDPR regulation coming into force 25th May 2018.

1. Your personal details , including full name , business address, email, photo ID , private address, phone number and title
2. Names and address additional card holders
3. Copy Driving licence or passport
4. Via you Abra account number , Trading history including sales will be captured
5. CCTV Footage whilst shopping in Abra will be captured as part of our security system
6. You account Password including Google analytics , browser information will be held
7. We also collect as part of doing business, you Bank account details
8. Your credit history and other financial information either through credit searches authorised by your as part of any credit application

Whenever your account is used we will collect transactional data regarding your purchases at product level as well as time/date purchase and payment method

As part of our legitimate B2B business we will contact you with promotional mail shots , telesales customer service calls of which we will collate some data

1. Recorded log call made
2. Orders placed
3. Feedback and all business contributions designed to improve the service levels we provide

We many also use personal data from other sources such land registry , companies house, credit safe , QBE credit insurance in support of all credit applications , personal and director guarantees will also be required.

Why we use personal data

We have to use your personal business as part of our trading relationship if we are to conduct business transactions on a legitimate basis, as a member of Abra you give consent for us to do so as part of your expectations on how we communicate between our businesses, it is vital we

1. Manage your account effectively and commercially
2. Process your transactions , delivery, credit account and returns
3. Provide you with additional services such as drop shipment , VIP events , Trade events ,App events ( APP only Customers)
4. Administer all financial and admin tasks
5. Communicate to you changes, events and promotions
6. Create invoices and statements and make them accessible to you via email as well as paper copy in depot
7. Effectively communicate product recalls in emergency situations
8. Effectively communicate delivery schedule or transport issues
9. Analysis your sales history through our business intelligence suite to offer additional support and sales advice
10. CCTV images are captured to ensure the health, security and safety of all our customers
11. Issue account numbers with Web/App passwords

We use your data to personalise our policies , promotions and support , the data improves how we communicate and execute our strategies to deliver sustainable growth for our customers and employee’s

Fraud and other crime

We value our legal obligation to ensure the services and your data are safe, but also your data may be used to process or prevent fraud or other criminal activity. We may be asked to provide your data only to Government law agencies such as HMRC

Changing your preferences

You can state on the Abra registration form to opt out of marketing mail shots or at any time simply email to unsubscribe . We want to ensure our customers receive the mail shots they want it is simply down to personal choice on which we respect and execute.

Customer interaction

We aim to serve our customers in a positive and legal way therefore we may contact you regarding other services such as retail club , symbol development , drop shipment by phone, text , email or app push notification for our App customers

Sharing of personal data

We may share your data with other companies such as third parties for drop shipment and other service providers but will require them under GDPR to keep them safe

In the main we will share with suppliers anonymous information where possible to enable our suppliers to provide

1. Sell products or promotions through our Abra services
2. Other products or activity plans that may be of interest to you

We work with carefully selected service providers in order for us to carry out our daily business functions particularly around technology and tilling services , these providers are a crucial part of our IT network therefore we ensure they are accountable under our GDPR policy and that all data is protected and safe

How do we protect your data

We accept under GDPR how important it is to protect personal information, we have a number of measure in place to ensure we execute effectively our responsibility on behalf of our customers

1. We use Firewalls , data encryption, Drop box, a private network with limited access to assigned IP /Mac address. We only authorise access to our network to employees as a function of doing their jobs
2. We protect security of your information passed to third party suppliers or service providers
We must point out although we take appropriate measures to protect your data , we cannot guarantee the security of data transferred via the internet or email.

Your rights

Under the GDPR regulation, you have the right to request the personal information we hold about you. This is called Subject Access Request

If you would like a copy of your personal data , please write to Abra Wholesale , Picketts Lock Lane , Edmonton

As part of our continual improvement to our service the data on you needs to be accurate and up to date . If there are any chances or the details we hold are inaccurate let us know and we will amend immediately

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time , so please take the time our periodically to review.

Version 1.May 2018